We are a team of lovely women with the same mission, to create an environment where people could come to get the very best services and leave feeling like a million bucks! Our huge following of loyal clients become a part of the Celebrity Lashes & Makeup Family! Not only do we want to help women feel beautiful on the outside, but we want to help transform the way women feel from the inside out. Through Self Care Routines & Self Love Tips, we can help YOU accomplish just that! 




International Trainer

Licensed Aesthetician

Lash, Brow, Lip & Skin Specialist

I started out doing makeup professionally and fell in love with creating gorgeous eyelash transformations for women! I then moved on to excelling in Microblading/Ombre Brow, Lip Blush and Brow Lamination. My clients always become my forever friends. I went on to learn more about innovative Skin Tightening Techniques to offer a true one stop shop at our spa! Now, not only do we offer services from lashes to brows to facials to waxing, but I also provide training in all of the services that we do. It’s not work when you LOVE what you do!

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I consider myself to be a very happy person. I love to smile! 10+ years in the beauty industry & I love what I am doing. I Always listen to what my clients need and try my best to help them feel beautiful! I specialize in eyelash extensions, brow design, lip blushing, brow lamination, lash lift/tint, waxing and more.

Licensed Aesthetician & PMU Artist, Lash, Brow, & Skin Specialist



A licensed cosmetologist, started off doing lash extensions from the start of my career. As well as excels in anything hair, lashes and brows! My favorite thing to do is lash extensions and brows. Book a free consultation with me today so I can give you the perfect brows you've been dreaming about.

Licensed Aesthetician & PMU Artist, Lash, Brow, & Skin Specialist



Hi! My name is cristine and I’ve been an esthetician for 6+ years. I have a true passion when it comes to anything beauty! I love doing facials, eyebrows, waxing and more. I believe doing the best you can at your craft is very important. I always listen and really take in what my client’s needs are and what we can do to reach their goal.

Licensed Aesthetician & Skin Specialist



I am a aesthetician, certified makeup artist, skin and lash specialist who has been in the business for 4+ years. I love doing my job and the happiness it brings when my client sees there transformation! I love being able to hear what the clients are looking for as far as their expected results and bringing it to life. I knew this was exactly what I wanted to do since I graduated from high school and am thankful that I get to do it. I inspire to grow in the beauty business and learn all I can to expand my knowledge and abilities to further satisfy my clients. Greatest part of the beauty industry is being able to express yourself and enhance what beauty we have! Allow me to brighten up your day and give you the results you desire (:

Licensed Aesthetician, Make up Artist & Skin Specialist



Hey y'all, I'm so excited join the Celebrity Lashes and Makeup team. This is not just about "beauty" because there is simply more to it then that. Shelly was my 1st PMU experience and little did we both know that life would bring us back together years later. I am a PMU artist specializing in scalp pigmentation for thinning hair, stretchmark camouflage tattoo, & I lighten surgery scars and more! I resignate with each service that I offer bc I can relate to all of them. Once I did it for myself; I said to myself "I have to do this for someone else!" Let's make it a Joyful experience for you, all puns intended!! 😁

PMU Specialist, Licensed Aesthetician & Skin Specialist